2011 Year in Review

It’s time for my annual year in review post.  I sit down, think back about my year from a triathlon perspective, slice it, dice it, and otherwise think about what I did and than write about it and share it.  It’s as much for my benefit as your reading enjoyment.  You can read previous write-ups here. […]

2010 in review

If I had to sum 2010 up with a single sentence I think the only one that would be appropriate would be “Wow, what a ride.” In 2010, I had periods of time in which I was both the least fit and most fit of any other time period over the last 6 or 7 […]

2007 – Looking back

Here are some scatterbrained thoughts on 2007 from a triathlon point of view.   Season Review  Numbers: 2005 Swim: 380k – 116 hrs. Bike: 4,795 – 333 hrs. Run: 1,272 – 171 hrs. 2006 Swim: 416k – 124 hrs. Bike: 6,138 – 351 hrs. Run: 1,278 – 173 hrs. 2007 (as of 12/28/07, not much […]