IMAZ Pre-race thoughts

Up until the last couple of years prior to every big race, I would sit down and gather my thoughts into a “concrete” race plan.  This forced me to take some time and create an outline of how I want my day to unfold, and it also gives me something to compare the actual outcome […]

Some words, on a blog.

After Racine, I let myself dial back my training and overall focus on triathlon.  I had already dialed things back a fair bit after Texas, but I wanted to get myself in a situation where I was mentally and physically 100% ready to attack the block of training leading into Ironman Arizona.  I did not […]

Two Weeks Ending 2015-07-19

Well my writing time last week was devoted to documenting the results of my wetsuit testing, so I didn’t get around to doing the weekly update, so this one is a twofer. While I seem to have solved the swim issue, my bike fit continues to be a work in progress, after playing around with […]

Wet Suit Testing

As I have mentioned in my last couple posts, I’ve spent some time since Ironman Texas pondering the impact of a wetsuit on my swim. I decided that rather than ponder about it and do nothing, I was going to take action and gather some data and based on that data I would be more […]

Week Ending 2015-06-28

  This picture sums up pretty well how I feel right now. Strong and feeling in the chase.  The adjustments I’ve made to my fit appear to keep paying dividends, I’m feeling strong on both the bike and run (and the swim) – and the metrics agree with how I feel.  I’m happy to say […]

Week Ending 2015-06-21

Last week was a good for the most part.  On both Tuesday and Thursday my quality workouts did not go as well as they have been for the past few weeks.  I suspect that Elkhart Lake was still holding me back a bit.  Swimming is going quite well, I’ve only been swimming three times a […]


About 10 years ago, shortly after finishing my first Ironman I wrote down on a sheet of paper that I wanted to finish as the first amateur at an Ironman race.  On  November 20th, 2011 I made good on that goal.  Twelve days after that I sat in my dining room and hammered out the […]

Treading Water in Texas

  I signed up for Ironman Texas last fall, about a month after finding out that we were expecting Evelyn.  I’m not exactly sure what my motivation to do so was.  It didn’t seem likely I would take a Kona spot, given that I was intending to do Ironman Arizona too.  Which meant that if […]

Data Loss

Well because I’m an idiot I had to roll my blog back to a rather old copy, which didn’t include a lot of the added content like pictures, or miscellenous files I have posted over the years.  Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of those pictures did not get captured by, so they are […]