Triathlon and me

The chief cause of  failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now. I will leave out my thoughts on Ironman Texas 2018, the race, both the positive and negative.  Instead I want to talk about my relationship with triathlon over the last couple years.   Aside from my relationship with […]


An important aspect about the SAFe framework, which I talked about a little last time, is accountability.  Namely, holding yourself accountable for accomplishing the things you have committed to.  This is done by defining clear acceptance criteria around that commitment.  The acceptance criteria describes why you are doing something, what you are doing, and what […]

Inspect and Adapt

“Fuckity fuck fuck.” “This is such a disappointment.” “I need to get off this bike.” “I need a hug.” These are all words that have come out of my mouth in the last 36 hours or so.  All of them the result of Ironman Hawaii and my poor performance.  I don’t want to dwell more […]

Last Call

Despite having been an athlete for 25 plus years, having experienced upwards of 35 maybe 40 tapers (and their associated prep), I have yet to encounter one that fits a mold.  Some I feel awesome all the way through.  Others have left me in tear filled despair part way through, only to be redeemed with an […]

Perfect is the enemy of good

Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well -Duke of Albany (King Lear by William Shakespeare) I started this post about two weeks before Ironman Arizona, then got distracted by life. After the race I wanted to make this post a mixture of a season review and a statement of the plan going forward into […]

Ironman Arizona 2015

I am pretty wired after the day today, so I figured it may be an interesting thought experiment to capture my postrace thoughts before heading to bed tonight, especially since the plan is to try to unplug from triathlon and the world for the rest of the week while at the Grand Canyon. There’s no […]

IMAZ Pre-race thoughts

Up until the last couple of years prior to every big race, I would sit down and gather my thoughts into a “concrete” race plan.  This forced me to take some time and create an outline of how I want my day to unfold, and it also gives me something to compare the actual outcome […]

Some words, on a blog.

After Racine, I let myself dial back my training and overall focus on triathlon.  I had already dialed things back a fair bit after Texas, but I wanted to get myself in a situation where I was mentally and physically 100% ready to attack the block of training leading into Ironman Arizona.  I did not […]