Perfect is the enemy of good

Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well -Duke of Albany (King Lear by William Shakespeare) I started this post about two weeks before Ironman Arizona, then got distracted by life. After the race I wanted to make this post a mixture of a season review and a statement of the plan going forward into […]

Ironman Arizona 2015

I am pretty wired after the day today, so I figured it may be an interesting thought experiment to capture my postrace thoughts before heading to bed tonight, especially since the plan is to try to unplug from triathlon and the world for the rest of the week while at the Grand Canyon. There’s no […]

IMAZ Pre-race thoughts

Up until the last couple of years prior to every big race, I would sit down and gather my thoughts into a “concrete” race plan. ┬áThis forced me to take some time and create an outline of how I want my day to unfold, and it also gives me something to compare the actual outcome […]