Week Ending 2015-06-28

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This picture sums up pretty well how I feel right now. Strong and feeling in the chase.  The adjustments I’ve made to my fit appear to keep paying dividends, I’m feeling strong on both the bike and run (and the swim) – and the metrics agree with how I feel.  I’m happy to say that I’ve posted *something* to my blog six weeks in a row!  Hopefully in the near future I’ll have the desire to leverage that into something more interesting than just an update.

One thing I’ve found these last few weeks is that confidence results in good performances in training, which leads to good more confidence, which leads to good racing, which leads to more confidence, which leads to even performances in training.  Over the last few weeks of publicly documenting my training, I have found that I have been more consistent with my quality workouts and doing them well – which subsequently let’s me do things like TT my “favorite” training loop and turn in the best 2 hour mean maximal power I’ve seen in just shy of 3 years.  Small things like that put a smile on your face and make you eager to do the work and not question things.

Beyond that the positive reinforcement makes it easier to pay attention to the small details like diet and sleep – which for me are some of the first things to go to hell when things are struggling.

The real question is – will these trends and performances in training result in comparable performances in races this year?

This week’s training:

Monday – 3000 easy swim – nothing but putting in the meters, with a 30 minute easy run later on

Tuesday – easy bike, plus a hard run – 6×3′ @ Daniel’s I-Pace with 2 minutes easy in between

Wednesday – Lots of 25’s USRPT style at 200 pace and an easy run

Thursday – hard bike – 6×3′ @ ~110% FTP (3′) and the typical run at lunch time

Friday – No swim – I lost my YMCA card, so just a 90 minute run with 3×10′ @ HIM pace

Saturday – an easy bike and easy run

Sunday – Hard bike – 48 mile hilly course TT style, easy run off the bike, and a quick and dirty swim later in the day just to get 3 swim sessions this week.