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This past weekend it was Homecoming at UW-Stevens point, combined with it being an odd year – it meant that Mary, Ethan and I headed up for the biennial UWSP swimming alumni extravaganza.  This meant the plan for the weekend was a laid back swim meet, hanging out with friends, drinking, and a breakfast at the Wooden Chair (that happens to be worth a 5 hour round trip drive all by itself).

More important than any of that though, I had the opportunity spend some time thinking about life.  Where I was, where I am and where I’m going.  It struck me as I watched all the alumni present being introduced how much I’ve experienced in the eleven and a half years since I graduated: I’ve gotten married, bought a house, done 14 Ironmans along with countless triathlons, added a child to my family, got a dog, bought a minivan.  Basically a lot of stuff.  Something else struck me – when I graduated, the youngest of the alumni present were just kids in elementary school, while the oldest alums present had wrapped up their college days before I was born – I felt old and young all at the same time. I’ve often pondered what I could accomplish if were able to transfer my accumulated knowledge and “wisdom” back upon my 20 year old self, but this past weekend I wondered “What would 70 year old me, tell 34 year old me?”

Given the array of experiences I’ve had over the past 11 years, I can’t begin to imagine what the next 36 years will bring, but if I had to guess, my message to me(prime) from me(+36) would be the same that I wish I could pass onto me(-11):  Today is the day you’ve been waiting for; don’t let it arrive without being prepared.