Catching Up

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Again, it’s been a while since my last post.  Life has been keeping me busy, and for various reasons I haven’t been making the time to write – despite my desire at the end of the year to do it regularly.

This season contained a few breakthroughs.  On paper, looking at the results it’s not fully evident when you look at the poor performances at USAT Nationals, or the Pewaukee Olympic just after that.  However, if you look at some of the other results – some really good things happened.


I 3-peated as the OA winner of the race.  I fell just a few seconds short of bettering the course record I established last year.


This ended up being a huge training weekend.  About 10 minutes into the first Saturday race a series of unfortunate events occurred, leaving my bike unusable for the rest of the weekend.  Fortunately I was able to borrow a bike and finish out the remainder of the weekend.  I even finished up the first Olympic after running 2.5 miles back to transition in my bare feet!

Bike Drama

After the triple T I spent the intervening time training on Mary’s bike with lots of drama (again) involved in replacing my broken frame.  I’m hoping to buy another bike in the near future to provide some extra flexibility should this situation occur again, or to allow Mary and I the flexibility to use a transport service.  Plus the variability of having something else to ride.  I’m thinking a cyclocross bike might be nice and make it easier to get outside during the winter months.


In what I had originally intended to be my debut as competing as a Pro at big races, I ended up racing as an amateur and had a banner day.  A great effort in all three legs left me finishing as both the second amateur and 2nd in my AG.  Just like IMAZ in 2011, it was an exceptionally competitive race with the top 5 in my age group also being the top five amateurs.

Pewaukee Olympic Distance

I’m not sure where I got the brilliant idea to race a mere three weeks after IMCDA, but this definitely was a subpar performance.  I had a great swim, coming out of the water with the leaders and on Bryan Rhodes feet, only to bike and run really slowly.

Ironman Racine 70.3

I swam conservatively in the chop, rode hard, and ran moderately well.  My legs didn’t have a lot of zing in them on the run, but that didn’t stop me from having my best bike/run combo to date and registering a roughly 2 minute PR on a legit course.

USAT Nationals

Yeah, I pretty much sucked across the board.

Pigman Long Course

The final race before IMWI was another stab at Pigman.  I raced here in 2010 and sucked – really badly.  I was out for revenge.  I started out with a pretty solid swim, had a sucky T1, and then road really well.  My best HIM to date in terms of power, it was also the best time wise, but I think the course was a touch short.  I got off the bike and ran 1:26 flat, for a total time of 4:11.  Awesome!  Most importantly, I felt good during the race and had the confidence to actually race and let things rip.

Ironman Wisconsin

The primary goal for Wisconsin was to get the Kona spot for next fall.  I wrapped that up on what was a tough day in Madison.   One of the tougher swims I’ve been through, and definitely a tough day on the bike.  My execution on the day highlighted a few possible gaps that I need to work out, but the goal was done, and now it’s time for a break and to turn my sights to next October.