A short post to share some of my targets and goals for 2013.


Be present in the moment – enjoy every experience life offers me.

Go for walks with my dog and son on a regular basis.

Write a meaningful blog post every other week.

Consume less.

Sleep more.

Eat well.

Do not chase meaningless metrics in training.


Have consistent performances at all races

Top Ten Overall placement at Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman CDA

Sub 4:00 for a Half

Sub 9:00  for an Ironman

Each goal is 100% within my control, achieving them should require nothing more complicated than me making the “right” choices on a daily basis.

Provided I make those choices, the targets I’m working towards should fall into place.  I see the sub-4 HIM as the biggest stretch, my only opportunities for that will fall less than a month after IMCDA, and less than a month prior to IMWI (provided I *do* decide to do Pigman).

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