I’ll post my race report shortly, but the long story short race report is such:  Race week was magical and glittery.  The few short efforts on the bike and run were a piece of cake.  My typical pre-race 1,000 for time on Monday was crazy – 11:17 @ 1,000 SCY and 12:25 @ 1,100 SCY (basically 1,000 SCM).  That all disappeared Friday morning when I woke up feeling off.  The off feeling lead through to Saturday, where I fought through with a great and very satisfying effort on Saturday.  Though I ultimately fell short of my goal of Top 5 Age Group finish.

Where to from here?  Well, prior to Saturday I had every intention mailing USAT the needed paperwork to become an Elite member – AKA a pro, intending to cut me teeth on that for a while, with my first major race being IMCDA.  Instead, after a lot of discussion with Mary, Monday evening I registered for IMCDA as an Age Grouper.  Hopefully that will go well, and next October I’ll be able to sit down for words with Madame Pele again.

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