Well despite posting a month ago saying that I would be posting more soon, I didn’t keep to my promise very well!  However, it’s been an action packed month these last few weeks:

> I set a new PR for the half marathon at the beginning of April (1:19:24).  I’m quite pleased by that time.  Now that I’ve finally broken 1:20, it really puts the relative difficulty of that into perspective and makes me realize how much I was talking out of my ass here and here as well as a host of other places in the past (I’m sure).  I’ve come to realize just how fast running a 1:14 is – it’s truly frightening.  Let’s not even talk about the fact that the world record is well under an hour.

> After nearly 3 years since we started the process, we’ve finally brought Ethan home.  We’ve been home for 12 days, and I already can’t remember much of life without him, except that it was a lot easier to get both Mary’s and my workouts done!
> I opened the triathlon season a couple days ago with a great performance at the J-hawk Earlybird triathlon.

Between the adoption, J-hawk and the half marathon PR, I’m very much looking forward to the next few months of training, racing, and parenthood.

As I mentioned last time, I’ve got a lot of topics on the burner: Specific Prep, some product reviews (SpeedConcept 9 series vs. Cervel Dual, Zipp 808 FC, Carbon Wheel Brake pad comparison, shoes and some other fun stuff).  So bear with me and stay tuned!

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