Review: Speed Concept 9 Series

In May of 2010 Trek launched the Speed Concept, it’s answer in the Superbike arms race.  They claimed the bike was fast, sexy, and pretty much the coolest thing ever, they went so far as to publish a detailed white paper backing up all the claims, and their testing methodology. The white paper is a good […]

Rolling along now

Hi again! Now that the Triple T has come and gone, I can say that the 2012 triathlon (race) season is officially underway, and thus far it has been a grand success.  I managed to have a great weekend of racing at the TTT, doing it as a Solo for the first time since 2006. […]

American Triple T 2012

2012 marked my 7th trip to Shawnee State Park in Portsmouth, Ohio for the American Triple-T.  After having done the last 5 iterations of this race as member of a team, I was back to the solo division this year.  Early on in the season planning, I established 3 goals for myself this season, one […]

Another Gap

Well despite posting a month ago saying that I would be posting more soon, I didn’t keep to my promise very well!  However, it’s been an action packed month these last few weeks: > I set a new PR for the half marathon at the beginning of April (1:19:24).  I’m quite pleased by that time. […]

J-Hawk Earlybird Triathlon 2012

I’ve opened the season with J-hawk four of the last five seasons, each year using it as a rough benchmark of my fitness.  After a long winter focused on my running and a recent PR at the half-marathon distance, I had high hopes for the race.  However, recent life events, caused me to wake up […]