4 thoughts on “Duh…Winning….

  1. Hey Scott, I work with your mom at the Ymca as a swim coach… she was more then excited to tell us about your achievement when she got back on monday…Since High school is over along with the packer swim team I to have become a couch potato with video games almost every evening. Maybe I should start doing some running/biking/ swimming again and get myself back into shape!

    Congratulations again!

    Jordan Klein

  2. Forgot to say, watching you run down and besting the A.Gleader at IMAZ for the win was amazing and how you handled your bike getting trashed and then riding a rental on race day makes this day even more amazing as well.

    Well Done!

  3. Congrats Scott! Been reading your posts on and off over the last few years and one of the first I remembered reading was where you stated your goal of being first amateur. Done. I’ve really liked your reflective and no nonsense style . . . Very matter o fact without excuses. Your accomplishment is impressive on many fronts, especially as a self coached athlete as you are, not to mention husband, father, and holding a full time job. In my book, that is my definition of great; the ability to balance and achieve all equally well. Good luck with continued success in this sport and life.


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