4 thoughts on “Kona Race Report

  1. Great race, Scott. Congrats on a PR on a tough day. I’ve read a lot of Kona race reports and heard interviews with lots of pros and everyone is saying it was a tough day out there and a lot of people struggled. Very few people PR’d out there.

    My guess on your stomach issue is too many calories. I’ve had good luck replacing 30-40% of calories burned (per Hammer’s literature), especially in the heat. It sounds like you may have replaced 50-60% of calories burned and your stomach couldn’t process that many calories. 2300 calories over 5 hours is 460 calories per hour. That’s a lot. Have you tried fewer calories? Maybe 250-300 per hour? If you go with fewer calories and get to a point where you feel you need more, you can just take another gel. But if you take in too many calories there isn’t much you can do about it.

    Good luck in AZ. Another good race like this and you’re going to Kona again.

  2. Excellent race report. My two cents: too many calories by just a tad.

    Also, my money is on you again to have another great race.

  3. Nice, concise report, easy to follow. ? is did you notice the back up at all on the bike ie. typical bubbling up of fluids out the mouth? Sometimes when I noticed the first issue of GI distress I just stop eating and drinking and hope for the best. Look forward to racing with you in AZ. -TG

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