Recently I haven’t been the type of person to talk up my training.  I follow to many blogs with folks constantly talking about how ready they are and that they are going to kill it – only to blow up spectacularly.  As a result I’ve tried to keep my blog posts the last few years on the topic of – ponderings, and other stuff – to document my frame of mind and to help other people out.

Anyways – it’s been a long and tough summer.  I’ve had a number of sub-par performances, and a lot of frustrations, but the last few weeks it’s turned around.  I accepted the fact that Kona will be what Kona will be – and I simply needed to put in the best work I can the last few weeks – and then execute my race.

That mental shift did something, my training has been going great, and I am stoked for the race.  I cannot wait until 7am on October 8th – I’m going to crush it.

At this point before IMWI last year – I was not feeling good in workouts, scared, and freaking out – right now I’m ready to race – NOW – at least mentally.

Physically, I have a few key workouts to go through to fine tune everything – than I will crush it!

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