This season has been filled with a multitude of starts, false starts and changes of direction for me – me searching for a secret that I thought I was missing (but in truth I had).  If you’ve read my blog with any regularity over the years or months – you’ll have seen the last few months contain a few themes: a lack of posting and confusion.  That same period of time has seen me race with mixed results, train with a variety of different approaches, with building level of frustration and mixed acceptance of the situation.

However while my mind was busy over analyzing the situation, questioning myself, and trying to determine the proper path – my body was busy doing what was asked of it, even when too much was asked – it stepped up and offered all that it could – waiting.

Waiting for me to mentally come full circle, process the lessons of the last 6 months and realize this isn’t complicated.  Work is required.  Rest is required.  How much, when you do it, and how you do it are unimportant.

A few weeks ago I watched Mark Allen speak, I was struck by a comment of his (paraphrasing) – “Hellriegal was 4 mintues in front of me with 8 miles to go, I had made up 30 seconds per mile until this point.  I knew I couldn’t outsprint him, so I was ready to quit.  Than I realized that I was waiting for a billboard on the Queen K to say “Mark, if you give 100% right now – you will win.””  Life doesn’t have those sorts of guarantees, let alone personalized billboards with the message you need – when you need it…

Once I was ready to turn my mind off and committed to the work and the process, my body was ready.  Yesterday it told me it was.  It kept the faith.

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