Kurt Kinetic – wow

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I need to give a short plug to Kurt Kinetic for incredible customer service…

Here’s an email I sent out early last month with some postive feedback about my experiences with Kurt Kinetic trainers.

Hey folks –

I’m not normally one to send out a mass anonymous email, but I felt the need to email everybody I could think of that rides a bike – telling you to buy a Kurt Kinetic trainer.

I’ve been having some issues with my 4+ year old Kurt kinetic trainer that I’ve logged untold miles on(many many thousands), staying latched and keeping the bike stable and safe in the frame.

I emailed Kurt asking them about the issue, prepared to purchase a new frame or even a new trainer, but NO – Kurt tells me – don’t worry about it, we’ll send you a new frame AND a shipping label to send the old frame back to us, so we can test it and make things better.

Since I can’t support this great customer service by purchasing another trainer (I already have 2 Kurt trainers), I felt the least I could do was to email a bunch of people and encourage them to buy from Kurt – as they claim to have a truly lifetime warranty and they definately stand by it.


To other businesses out there – *that* is how you treat your customers.  FWIW – I’ve had similar experiences with SRM USA and Saris for my powertap.