A note on recovery rides

I have a few Pro Tour guys that I coach. Want to know how long their recovery rides are? 1 hour- less than 200 watts and usually are about 14miles long. That’s 14mph avg speed…….  If you are riding faster than 14mph and longer than 1hour or 1hour and half max, you are not doing a recovery ride. […]


I did the Lake Mills Triathlon a few days ago. Despite being 7th overall, it was in my opinion, my best untapered triathlon performance to date. My run time was darn close to being a 5k PR. My GPS measured it a touch short, so it may not be a huge 20 second PR, but […]

Kurt Kinetic – wow

I need to give a short plug to Kurt Kinetic for incredible customer service… Here’s an email I sent out early last month with some postive feedback about my experiences with Kurt Kinetic trainers. Hey folks – I’m not normally one to send out a mass anonymous email, but I felt the need to email […]