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It’s certainly been a while since I posted.  Reasons for the long gap include, but are not limited to

  • Laziness (for writing)
  • Disillusion with triathlon
  • Craziness in life
  • Even more craziness in life

Fortunately – even though I haven’t posted much I’ve been training consistently and am in a pretty good place.  Hopefully after this – bring the world up to speed post – I’ll return to some regularly programming.

The primary factor in keeping me from posting was a crisis of faith – in terms of training.  While my run progressed very nicely over the winter, my bike continued to be my bike and little improvement was seen – this basically resulted in Athlete Scott losing faith in Coach Scott – and Coach Scott wondering if Athlete Scott might be right.

Fortunately after much deliberation Coach Scott and Athlete Scott decided it might be best to seek out some professional help and let a voice outside of the skull take on the coaching responsibilities.  I felt that despite being comfortable in my knowledge of the sport – the energy spent managing the emotions and planning were taking away from my enjoyment of the sport.

I’m offcially on week 2 of being a coached athlete, and am very much enjoying the act of doing the work and asking questions ask an intellecutual pursuit.

I think that covers Disillusion and craziness – laziness deserves no explanation.  So what’s even more craziness?  Well, that is the fact that the Bowe family is on it’s way to gaining a new member.  If you didn’t know, Mary and I are in the process of adopting a child, on April 4th we got a phone call that we had been matched with a child, a healthy boy!  Ethan is just over 7 months old – and will probably be around 11 months old when all of the legal paperwork is complete and we can travel to meet him and bring him home!  It might be just in time for Hawaii!!  The days are numbered for my simple life – but I think that something more exciting is just around the corner!!!

Check back in a week or so for the continuation of my series on training!