The why of the how

Last week I posted what I consider to be the last step in planning out your season.  I then realized that while I laid out *my* season plan, I didn’t go a lot into my thought process behind it. An athletic season can be thought of as a project with defined time-lines. It has an outcome: perhaps […]

A short follow-up

As I reread my post from earlier today – I realized that while I provided the example of my season plan and gave a little insight into the process of taking my suggested questions, answers and goals and transforming it into a season plan – I basically provided my current plan as an example, and didn’t […]

The Next Level

Well it’s now December.  You’ve sat down with your “coach” and performed a review of your season, your upcoming season, evaluated strengths and weaknesses (physical and mental). So now what?  You’ve asked some hard questions, given some honest answers, and heard some honest answers – how do you take that information and take yourself to […]