With J-hawk in the books – I have one more weekend of racing before I can really relax.  That’s not really true – I’ve been relaxing pretty good already.  The weeks since Ironman have been filled with pretty easy workouts.  A few 30 minute swims that are glorfied warmups, short bike rides, short runs – basically just enough to keep the body stimulated.

Normally I take a few weeks totally off after my last race.  This year I don’t think I’m going to do that.  I start my FTP building “plan” on 11/1; which gives me 3 weeks where I’m not going to do much – but I won’t log 21 zeros.

J-hawk was a lot of fun yesterday.  I went into the race with the goal of trying to break an hour – which as best I can tell no one to date has done that (Early or Late) on that course.  I figured a sub 6 minute swim + 33:XX bike + 19:XX run w/ fast transitions would do it.  I left T2 needing to run a 19:11 to pull it off – which is simply very fast on that course.  On a good day – I might have been able to run that fast, but with the abuse I’ve dished out to my legs this month – I was happy to run as fast as I did.

I think for me to really be able to do it, I need to bike 32 something and run a high 19.  That’ll be a good goal to focus on over the winter as I work on building my FTP and run speed – to try and shoot for that at the early bird race.

I’m 100% sure I’ll be running Lakefront next weekend.  I’m still undecided if I’m going to run it with Mary and try to pace her – or if I will run for a PR.

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