Nothing more than a confidence boost and bragging for me.

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Disgregard if you do not care or are easily intimidated.  This is mainly for my benefit for future reference and to lay out the work.  So it is not going to be written well or in an organized fashion.  It’s a brain dump.

This taper has been interesting.

Key workout #1: 2:30 Bike + 45 minute run (build to HIM) – Quite good. 219 average for rural section of 48 mile

Key workout #2: 4 hour bike + 60 minute run – Bike average, not inspiring.  Run = terrible.  ~200 watts – hips were VERY pinched – had no snap on the bike.  The run is better left undiscussed.

Key Workout #3: 2:30 Bike + 30 minute run – pretty good.  ~210 watt average for rural section of 48 mile – felt “better” than last week.  I don’t recall what the NP was, but I think the lower wattage was due primarily to less wind on the course, which made it hard to find a good gear much of the ride – so I ended up pushing a bit less to keep in a comfortable RPM range.  It also didn’t help that I flatted about 20 minutes into the ride and was like UGH – please don’t be like the last time I flatted.  Made me think about making a hybrid cassettee out of my 11-25 + 12-27.

Key Workout #4: 2:00 Bike + 30 Minute run – Good 40′ interval at IM, with the last 5′ building to HIM + nice run.  Outside of the interval – was a little noddley for what I would normally like to do – route choice was a bit poor for the ride I would have preferred.  Run started to feel really good at the end.

Also in that time I did a 1,000 SCM TT – I dropped in at 12:55; losing a few seconds to a crowded lane and an angry lane mate.  Fastest time I could find on record by 15 seconds.  Was a non-optimum situation as I started my workout got kicked out of the pool due to lightening – went to Panera for coffee and breakfast, and than returned to the Y 3 hours later or so.

Broken Ironman Swim (50/300/500/3×1000): 54 minutes flat, subtract rest and it was 52:40

Bike last night with some short intervals above HIM, but below FTP – Good.  Run after – good (but what the hell it’s not November yet it was freaking cold out)

I made a last minute change to my bike setup due to how I felt during BT #2 – I raised my bars up 1 cm, and adjusted my saddle position a small amount to shift my center of weight on the bike for handling reasons.

I also adjusted my cleats a bit forward – I discovered last night (9/7) that I was a bit rearward with my cleat placement in comparison to with my SPD-SL pedals.

I think the call to revise the taper was good.  Things are starting to feel good and fall into place.

I’ve been all over the place mentally and emotionally.  Saturday – I was nearly in tears because of how I was feeling in workouts – crappy feeling even though times/power/pace was OK – so I decided it wasn’t worth sacrificing coffee for two weeks – so I hopped back on the wagon – and immediately my feel swim/bike/run improved.  Don’t do that again.

With only a few days to go – I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.  The weather looks OK (but there is an increasing chance of rain), I should be getting a bomb-diggity looking Tri-suit in the mail today, I’m starting to feel pretty fresh and snappy – and most importantly I’ve got a bomb-ass beard growing.