Ironman #8 is in the books – and boy was it one for the books.  I ended up with a PR by about 10 minutes – 2nd in my AG, and 23rd overall.  That performance earned me my second trip to Kona.

A big congrats goes out to Matt and Adrienne Amman who both had great days and qualified along with 4 other Gear Grinders – for a grand total of 7 from GG already qualified for 2011.

Go read my race report, it’ll be good reading, I promise.

Even though IMWI was my A race for the year; as Matt is fond of reminding me – it’s really just the beginning of a short stretch of racing.  This coming weekend I am doing the Chequamegon 40 on Saturday, followed by the J-Hawk Late Bird on the 25th, and than closing the year with the Lakefront Marathon here in Milwaukee on October 3rd.

After that I think a few weeks of rest and a vacation will be in order!

Congrats to all the IMWI finishers – enjoy some downtime!

4 thoughts on “Another in the books

  1. I had a blast watching you go hunting for scalps on Sunday. You caught everyone who was catchable off the bike. You were 6 at the halfway and 4 on State. You passed Knuth and Wolfgang Whatever between State and Kohl Center.

    I didn’t see the slot breakdown and figured 6 was needed conservatively.

    Matt was 12 at the turnaround. I lied (a little) and said 10 and up to 4 was catchable. At State he was 8. I lied (a little) and said 5&6 were walking. At the Kohl he was 6 and I told the truth.

    Great on all 3 of you. Hard work pays off. Couldn’t happen to a better 3.

    I’m cheering my training partner to a BQ at Lakefront marathon not stalking you 🙂

  2. Awesome read. It was well worth it watching you hit the next level. And it just shows us all, that the path to “faster” is never easy nor is it ever straight up.

  3. Fantastic race and run scott!

    I’d also like to suggest one more race for you, the lakefront 15km at the end of october (it’ll feel easy after IMWI and lakefront!)

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