The Taper

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My taper for Ironman Wisconsin has undergone some drastic revisions in the last 10 days.  All because of a little race called Pigman.  In terms of results, I’m pretty disappointed in the outcome.  However, in terms of learning things – I (thus far) am of the opinion that I learned a lot about my body in terms of athletic performance.

Time will tell if my taper revisions will pan out, I certainly hope they do.  For my own future reference and your enjoyment, I’m going to document my taper thoughts over the next two weeks.  I’ll try to cover:

  • The original plan and why I was going to do that
  • The revised plan and why. 
  • Past tapers and their results. 
  • Why I dislike tapering
  • An examination of some races over the last 3 seasons – and my thoughts on why they turned out the way they did – given current insights
  • An examination of race performances that I don’t understand why they turned out that way.
  • The results of the revision

I’ll try and cover those topics in that order, but they may shift/merge and even simply not get covered.  The results will be pretty evident to all sometime on 9/12!