Well after spending some time with the great folks at Emery’s yesterday, one of the two new rides in the Bowe household is home.  The other should show up today or Monday, depending on our ability to get Mary to Emery’s. 

I’ve always been a fan of Emery’s.  I first stumbled on them back in 2004.  I had just signed up for an Ironman, and after reading about the Cervelo Dual – promptly searched out a local dealer – Emery’s was the closest.  Brent and his gang have always been great to work with and have helped me out in a couple very difficult pickles.  The biggest two of which spring to mind was back in 2007 when I discovered a crack in my seat tube the day before a race –  they had me in and out and ready for the race in just a few hours.  The other is last year when they got my bike fixed up and road ready in just a couple of days, which suited me just fine! 

Long story short – the crew at Emery’s has always treated me right.  Yesterday, I had a great experience.  I didn’t need to do much fit wise, as I transferred over my current position – but I was impressed by Brent’s critical eye for details on the fit.  The stock stem on a Small Speed Concept is a 60mm length + 45 mm rise.  This left me about 40 mm short on my base bar reach.  On the trainer it felt fine, I could tell I was a little cramped on the horns, but felt OK.  Brent said he thought my earlier thoughts on using the 100/45 stem was spot on – based on how I looked and my weight was distributed.  15 minutes later riding down the parkway I found myself in instant agreement.  With the short stem and reach on the base bar the bike was just a little to twitchy for my taste and I felt a little cramped.

Without further ado, let me introduce Dexter


Dexter will be my trusty steed for many years and miles to come.

As a public service announcement for those with a Speed Concept or considering purchasing one – be aware – the stock cone cups on a Kurt Kinetic Road machine will not fit on the frame – you’ll need to call curt and have them send you a set of cups with a smaller OSD.  I was told that you don’t need the Small Slotted Cone for the NDS of the skewer.  I’m not sure I 100% believe them, but the worst that happens is I have to call them back and get them to send the the Slotted one.

A second PSA, is that I noticed my frame does not fit on my Saris Thelma rack.  I’m not sure if it’s a function of the frame size, or the frame in general.  I need to get in touch with Saris and find out what the best way to solve the issue is.

Training has been good.  Long run in the heat and humidity on Tuesday that turned out better than expected.  A good bike on Wednesday.  Yesterday I had a good swim in the AM, and an easy run in the PM.  I missed the quality bike because of the time at the bike shop

2 thoughts on “Upgrayedd

  1. I’m so jealous I can’t put it into words. Did you go with the full SC 9.99999999999 for the $10K? I don’t think they have the SC 7 series out yet.

    I have to ask…shouldn’t you give your bike a girls name? After all you have to mount and ride the bike…not that there’s anything wrong with that, just askin’.

    PS…about your swimming post. Why not just swim a straight 2k for time? And I mean that from a workout benefit perspective. What is the benefit of the 2-3 seconds rest you got between 100’s?

    Granted I know for a fact I’d simply lose count if doing 2k. In fact I doubt I could count to 20 during that broken set. But I tend to sleep through long sets and just hold pace.
    But otherwise, wouldn’t more endurance benefit be derived from doing that entire boring set at say race pace or IM pace -2s…or simply doing a straight 25 minute swim holding your pace by stopwatch? Or, perhaps breaking it up more, taking 10s rest beteen each and holding a faster pace overall.
    In any case, those are nice splits. I’ve just never understood the benefit of big broken sets with such small rest. To me its always been take enough rest to ensure faster splits (10s)…or don’t take rest.
    Curious to get your thoughts.

    • I only got the 9.5 – I have race wheels already, and with the frames having no difference other than paint scheme I saw no reason to add on the wheels.

      I don’t know, my first frame was named Leroy, than Fluffy, and now Dexter – if you’ve watched the series – I sort of see the bike like him.

      As far as swimming goes – I like both long straight swims, and short swims with small rest. I find the long straight swims help with my ability to get comfortable and focus while swimming a hard pace, while short swims with small rest help a lot with the endurance and mental toughness as I tend to swim faster – even if my total pace per 100 is the same. For example – I can drop in the pool and swim a 1,000 SCM time trial @ 1:20 / 100m, with only moderate effort. But 10×100 SCM @ 1:20 would be devastating – primarily becase I would be swimming @ 1:15 to 1:17 per 100, with a couple seconds rest. Which is a better set as a whole; I’m not sure, but I think they both serve a purpose. For me 1:15 to 1:17 is right on that brink between where I’m swimming a repeatable effort and where I start approaching the need for a 1:1 or greater rest to work ratio.

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