Yesterday was the Door County Triathlon.  It was my first time doing the race, and I was impressed.  The organization of the race was top notch – the course was great – though the run could use some more aid stations.  The best part was all of the legs were accurate distances.  Awesome!!!!!

I set a new HIM PR at the race – it was a great day.

Thanks to Gear-Grinder, Emery’s, my wife and other members of my support group for helping to make it a great day.

I’ll post my race report shortly.  This leaves 8 weeks until IMWI – a perfect training cycle – with two races inside of it.  Time to buckle down and do a bit of work.

2 thoughts on “Door County Tri

    • I don’t know that I’m confused. You could be partially right, but there are to many variables to be sure.
      1> A brand new spanking fast bike.
      2> Motivation to kick your butt.
      3> I can’t download the power file to look at my actual ride so maybe the course was simply fast and my new ride made up for my suckiness.

      In all seriousness, I don’t disagree with you, but at the same time I don’t agree. Sunday proved that I’m capable of having a great race running low-tech. I’m glad I did it because it will help me to not freak out when the tech goes down during an important race, but I think the pacing, taskmaster, and post analysis aspects of running with the technology outweigh any benefits from not having it. It’s not like I’m going to wake up on race day and suddenly be capable of putting out 10% more at threshold, and having it there is going to hold me back.

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