Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. These are probably the 3 biggest issues I have in my training and racing.  They are three little devils in the back of my mind that erode my ability to train consistently, smartly, and correctly – which ultimately impacts my ability to race at the level I want. I’ve had success and […]

Untapped Wisdom

First a brief training update.  Things are continuing to progress well.  Last night was a 2 hour and change run in the rain.  My longest run in about 7 months!  It was awesome, it felt good, I enjoyed the rain, and I even had the opportunity for a brief swim when I came upon a […]

I ran to fast

As I’m rebuilding my run fitness now, I am finding that I am enjoying my runs more, particularly my long runs.  I think there are a few reasons for this. 1> My expectations are low – I am honest to God tickled pink to run 8:20 miles. 2> Because my expectations are low, I am […]

Highway to Hell – Cont’d

So I got a couple of great comments on my last post – that got me to think a little bit.  Rather than reply as another comment, I thought I’d write another post to continue the conversation and post some thoughts. Thus far Evan and Jeff have provided some great thoughts – here are my […]