Highway to Hell

Several weeks ago, an email chain I had with a friend devolved into suggestions for writings.  I started thinking about some of the suggestions and realized that they were actually extremely good suggestions.  Some of them supported my belief in the open sharing of knowledge, while others would send me down the road to an […]

Short update

I just posted my Triple T race report.  It was an excellent race, and all of my expectations going into it were blown away.  It’s amazing what consistant hard work can do.  Now my job is to just keep backing it up with great (enjoyable) training! I’ve got two “good” posts in the works – […]

American Triple T 2010

2010 Triple T Race Notes Friday The Triple-T prologue always catches me by surprise, despite my background as a sprinter in college swimming “ I have a difficult time spinning the engine up to the necessary level.  Despite a good warm-up prior to the race, this year was no exception.  The swim and the bike […]