The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything

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While google and other search engines will tell you the answer is 42, I’m not sure.

I think the true answer depends on your perspective, but 42 is as good of an answer as any I guess.  So why the introspective start to the blog?  Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want to put into it and get out of it.

Perusing the slowtwitch forums and looking at all the signatures of the folks posting – it seems everyone has a blog.  When I first setup my blog a couple of years go – blogging was still a bit of a novelty and a way in which you can differentiate yourself.  I even remember the days when I first registered, having a “vanity” domain website was a huge differentiator – heck even having a website was.

Nowadays, everyone is on facebook and twitter and their blog talking about everything, sharing every detail of their day.  “Hey I just was at the grocery store and….”  “I just took a huge dump and it felt awesome.”  Just the other day, I was watching the news while walking on the treadmill; they were discussing a recent survey about online activity and it’s relation to various daily activities.  It was shocking the percentage of people who said they checked facebook and/or twitter within 5 minutes of having sex – there were even people who reported being on facebook or twitter while having sex.  Good God.

It made me think about the value that I am adding to society with my blog(s).  Do I add value posting a recap of my last few weeks of training and my upcoming plans for traing or am I simply adding the the ever increasing amount of noise that is out there?

Technology is awesome – it allows us to do some very powerful things, but it’s so easy to abuse, become addicted to it, or use it inappropriately. 

Going forward I’m going to really make an attempt to only post when I have something important to say and not just rack up a post count by describing my week and upcoming training to the blog.  That’s what my training log is for.

As a final note – if you are not a regular reader of gordo’s blog – I highly recommend this entry.  It’s very worth while, and I am constantly amazed at the timing of gordo’s blogging and how it relates to internal feelings and thoughts around when it’s posted.