This week of training notched back a bit.  Partially because of the race this weekend (and associated travel tomorrow), and partly because of going to a concert – but according to plan. Today I’m going to talk about benchmarks.  My last post was spurred by a conversation with Matt Amman, today’s is spurred by a […]

Keep Going

“Keep going, keep going, keep going until a little something inside you says, ‘keep going’” –Frank Horwill  First a brief update on training.  Running is progressing well.  I never thought 30 minutes @ 9:13 pace would be hard, but it’s getting easier each day.  Fortunately, I’m so happy to be running and making progress in […]

The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything

While google and other search engines will tell you the answer is 42, I’m not sure. I think the true answer depends on your perspective, but 42 is as good of an answer as any I guess.  So why the introspective start to the blog?  Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and […]