The Long Hard Road

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That’s a picture of my leg the day I had the hard cast removed back in late January.

Not much to post today except for a an update that the 28 day period ending yesterday (3rd “month” of 2010), was the biggest 3rd “month” I’ve done on the bike since the purchase of my powermeter TSS/kJ wise.  So that was really exciting to see.  I was very surprised by that fact also.

Otherwise – pretty uneventful, last week I racked up 14 hours, 45 minutes of training.  3 swims, 9.25 hours on the bike (including a 3 hour ride on Sunday), and 2.5 hours of serious walking/aqua jogging.

This week I am going to aim for 16+ hours, and more aqua jogging and less walking.  As long as things progress well I’m going to give running a try on 3/30.