The update on my foot from this last Dr. appointment is that the fracture is still not fully healed, but the Dr. believes it to be stable enough to start a progression to full activity.

That means walking in tennis shoes, riding normally, and a 2 week or so progression towards running.  The next appointment is April 7 – let’s hope that healing continues even with the added stress.

Initially, I was a bit disappointed with the appointment.  Having the fracture not fully healed was a big bummer, but honestly it could be worse and progress is still being made.

A more pleasant surprise is the threshold test I did last night.  The test was 2×20′ (2′) – and I used the Normalized power of all 42 minutes as my threshold.  The result was 255 – a number I’m pretty happy with especially consider how conservatively I approached the first 20 minutes.  I averaged 247 and 268.  Given that I had guesstimated my FTP when I started riding again at around 240, that’s a decent improvement, although 100% arbitrary.

Will be doing a test again in a few weeks and/or see how Saint Anthonys goes.

I’m thinking that I will do one quality ride each week, on a 6 week rotation

    •  2×20 (2′)
    • Spinervals Timetrialpalooza – 20′ (5′), 15′ (5′), 10′ (5′), 5′  starting at FTP and building each interval
    • Spinervals Totally Time Trial – 4×15′ (2′) FTP
    • Spinervals Time Trial Special – a stupid hard ladder
    • 2×20 (4′)
    • Spinervals Threshold Test and Sufferfest – 1×20 with a couple hard burn off efforts before.

Swimming is also progressing nicely.  Am doing most repeats on a 1:35 base (SCM).  I’m starting to come in fast enough that I may be able to move up to 1:30 base next week.  Right now I haven’t done anything over a 300, but next week I will probably do some 400’s – and will probably add a swim on Monday buiding towards LONG repeats.

Alls good.

One thought on “Surprises

  1. What supplements do you take that could support bone health?

    I wouldn’t worry about calcium intake if you’re already hitting 500mg/day, but consider these if you don’t already take them:

    1)vitamin D3 (2000-5000IU/day)(30c-$1/week)(
    2)magnesium (maybe 250-500mg/day elemental)(30-60c/week)
    3)vitamin K2 (maybe 200mcg several times/week)(30c/week)
    4)whey protein (25-50grams/day?)($4-8/week)

    and for general health I would throw in omega 3’s (1-2g/day EPA+DHA)($1.5-3/week)

    minus the whey protein, you’ll be spending just $5/week on supplements that are research backed in preventing many diseases, ie are just plain good for ya.

    I use vitamin D, magnesium, fish oil from Walmart sources and get my other supplements through Vitacost (great prices).

    Good luck this season,

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