The Long Hard Road

  That’s a picture of my leg the day I had the hard cast removed back in late January. Not much to post today except for a an update that the 28 day period ending yesterday (3rd “month” of 2010), was the biggest 3rd “month” I’ve done on the bike since the purchase of my […]


The update on my foot from this last Dr. appointment is that the fracture is still not fully healed, but the Dr. believes it to be stable enough to start a progression to full activity. That means walking in tennis shoes, riding normally, and a 2 week or so progression towards running.  The next appointment […]

A new season, new goals, new challenges

Well it’s the middle of March and I’m just getting around to putting the final touches on the season plan.  I’ve really delayed doing this because I wanted to focus more on healing my foot – rather than freaking out because it’s not healing fast enough and I’m missing all sorts of training. The good […]