Prerace – Wednesday

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Mary and I both woke up early.  I had some coffee and pop tarts for breakfast.  Then I went down to the beach to do a swim.  I swam about 30 minutes “ nice and easy.  When I was about 20 minutes in I was swimming along, and all of a sudden felt like I got stung by a bunch of insects on my face.  After a split second I realized that I had probably just been  stung by a jelly-fish.  While I had only planned to swim about 10 more minutes, I swam for the shallow water near shore.  Once there I stood up for a few minutes and made sure nothing bad was going to happen.  After waiting, the stinging on my face started to subside and I didn’t feel any worse “ so I finished up my swim.  Note for next year “ I should probably either try to open water swim in my wet suit more often, or be better about my weights “ I can definitely feel the difference between swimming in my wetsuit and not swimming in it in my shoulders.

The afternoon was uneventful “ Mary  and I walked down to the Expo and registered.  The volunteer that helped me reminded me a lot of my Grandpa Bowe “ between his glasses, the peachy fuzz beard and his looks¦As we were walking back we stopped and picked up some salt tabs and found a new swimsuit for Mary.  After that I put another coat of glue on my new tires, then went and drove the bike course.

It is very flat compared to anything I have ridden.  There are a fair number of rollers on the course though.  Comparing it to Arizona it œseems to be hillier, mainly due to AZ being a 19 mile false flat, and this has some real rollers.  Other than a large bridge nothing to pull you out of the aerobars, and probably nothing to pull you out of the big ring.  The main thing making this a very fast course I think is the lack of turns, and the generally good road surface.

After that went for a bike ride on the new tires.  It went really well, followed it up with a short run.  Might need to remount the front tire “ there is a spot (the valve stem of course) that seems to be a bit noisy “ stick-unstick-stick  Annoying.

We went to Carbarra’s Italian grill for dinner.  It was OK “ not bad, but not all that memorable.