Prerace – Tuesday

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We left Milwaukee around 7 AM, and flew to Atlanta and then on a small jet to Panama City.  The flight as a whole was uneventful.  When we got to Panama City “ it turned out our rental car was a Mini-Van.  It’s actually pretty sweet!  The bike arrived without issues too.

We headed to our condo, getting lost “ seems I wrote down the wrong address.  PCB is almost a clone of the Wisconsin Dells “ and it’s definitely the offseason here “ dead.  The property of our condo is beautiful and the room is OK.  Definitely not like where we stayed in Hawaii “ but a nice place to be at.

I did a short bike ride and was amazed at how flat the area I rode in was “ granted it wasn’t the whole course, but I spoke with a person who is familiar with the course at a local bike shop and he confirmed that it was all pretty much like that except for having to ride over a bridge on the way out and way back.  Incredible.

After the bike shop (I had to get some CO2, pit stop and new tires) “ we went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries for the week.  Than we just hung out, had some sandwiches for dinner and went to bed.