Prerace – Friday

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Friday was a pretty uneventful day.  We went down for a swim, and I did a short run.  I skipped out on the bike because I broke the valve stem extender on my front tire “ and we had to spend some time searching for a way to fix it.  I ended up just falling back to the previous valve extenders I had used “ but I wasn’t super confident that Pit Stop would be super effective with it.  I cut ¼ inch or so off of my wetsuits arms and legs to help it come off easier, a small nick in the wetsuit from earlier this year had spread a bit so we also went to a dive shop to get some neoprene glue.

After the panic of fixing my brand new tires, I packed up my stuff for the race “ Mary relaxed at the pool!  After all that we walked down and checked in my bike and transition bags.  Mary and I noticed a few fast looking guys to look up after the race.

After getting back from dropping my bike off we went to drive the Run course and find a Quizno’s for dinner.  I went to bed feeling ready and confident for the race “ just the right amount of fear, hope, confidence, and doubt to have the race I had trained for.