Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, and Reality

It’s that time of year again.  No major races, taking things a bit easy, looking back on the year that is wrapping up, and looking forward to the year that is upcoming. I usually find myself looking forward to the next year as being full of possibilities in life, work, triathlon and all things in […]

Simple is Hard

A few rows down from where I sit in my Cubie Farm – there is a whiteboard that tends to have a thoughtful quote on it.  I make a habit of walking by the whiteboard every morning to see if there is a new quote or not. Yesterday I was rewarded with this gem: The […]

Whimper Part II

Received some feedback from a friend that the analysis posted yesterday was fairly one dimensional – focusing primarily on volume and ignoring intensity and other fitness related benchmarks.

IMFL – Raceday

We did not have an alarm clock in our room, so I set both cell phones and one of my watches to wake us up.  I set them staggered 5 minutes apart to make sure any sleepiness got kicked in the butt!  Around 3:15 I woke up to use the bathroom, and in glancing at […]

Prerace – Friday

Friday was a pretty uneventful day.  We went down for a swim, and I did a short run.  I skipped out on the bike because I broke the valve stem extender on my front tire “ and we had to spend some time searching for a way to fix it.  I ended up just falling […]

Prerace – Thursday

Thursday morning we woke up pretty early and walked down the beach to see the swim start.  After spending a few minutes down there we walked back to our room and I put on my wetsuit and we walked back down there for a swim.  I did one loop of the swim course “ trying […]

Prerace – Wednesday

Mary and I both woke up early.  I had some coffee and pop tarts for breakfast.  Then I went down to the beach to do a swim.  I swam about 30 minutes “ nice and easy.  When I was about 20 minutes in I was swimming along, and all of a sudden felt like I […]

Prerace – Tuesday

We left Milwaukee around 7 AM, and flew to Atlanta and then on a small jet to Panama City.  The flight as a whole was uneventful.  When we got to Panama City “ it turned out our rental car was a Mini-Van.  It’s actually pretty sweet!  The bike arrived without issues too. We headed to […]