Bib Number 3:17

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That’s me at Ironman Florida – 317.  I think that’s a good number, primarily because it will give me a constant reminder to HTFU on the Marathon and run – need a run split under my bib number.

Training has been pretty good, I’m starting to feel pretty sharp.  This past weekend I did a swim, followed by a long ride, followed by a 60 minute run.  Alll three went very good.  The bike got really hard towards the end, but what can you expect after 4 and a half hours on a trainer?

Last night was a different story – did a 90 minute run and I wanted to die.  My diet of the previous few days rebelled against me and I had the worst heartburn I’ve ever had on a run.  It lead to me feeling a bit weak because running “easy” was uncomfortable, and running “normal” would have killed me.  On the bright side I proved to myself that I can knock off 7:30 min/miles even when it’s miserable.  My HR for the run was 132 – very good.  I don’t think I’ll be interested in Mexican for a while.

Looking to hone the sharpness over the next several days and arrive at IMFL with the Awesome*.

*I’ll talk more about my made up term sometime in the next week 🙂