Bib Number 3:17

That’s me at Ironman Florida – 317.  I think that’s a good number, primarily because it will give me a constant reminder to HTFU on the Marathon and run – need a run split under my bib number. Training has been pretty good, I’m starting to feel pretty sharp.  This past weekend I did a […]

Just not feeling it

19 days from now I’ll be in Panama City Beach, FL and hopefully about 8 miles into the bike of IMFL. (It’s 8:15am as I write this). I don’t know what to expect for the race right now.  On the one hand, I have been fanatically watching the water temperature and am thrilled to see it […]

J-Hawk Late Bird 2009

I had decided to do this race a couple of weeks before IMWI.  I thought doing it would be fun, would force me to do a threshold workout, and make sure I had an intermediate target between IMWI and IMFL.  Long story short, it was a success on all counts! My wave was projected to […]