Just under two weeks until Madison.  That last two weeks of training has been tough, challenging and most of all – exhausting.

A couple of posts ago I talked about my plan for the final two weeks.  It had some high points, some low points, but I got through and am ready to rest and heal before the race.

I don’t want to place to much confidence/hope in how my final workouts went because unless I execute on race day it’s all for naught.  Blake Becker has a good write up of things running through my mind right now.

In other news, I ordered a set of tires.  I purchased a pair of Vittoria Chrono’s for race day.  They are reportedly a bit “fragile”, but incredibly fast – especially compared to my current Conti Competitions.  According to a few things I’ve read, the conti’s give up ~10-15 watts.  That’s a LOT.  I’m thinking through my flat plan a bit more given my luck this year and the fact that Matt got a flat at Louisville yesterday.  I think I’m going to supplement my spare+razor strategy with a can of Pit Stop.

And I’ve got two opportunities to practice changing a tubie fast when I put the new tires on!

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