Oh Boy Folks

Just under two weeks until Madison.  That last two weeks of training has been tough, challenging and most of all – exhausting. A couple of posts ago I talked about my plan for the final two weeks.  It had some high points, some low points, but I got through and am ready to rest and […]


10 hours is a long time to go without sitting down and enjoying a good meal – it’s even longer when you are propelling your body. Fueling has a huge impact on your ability to soldier on after you hit a rough patch.  Not only does it provide fuel for your muscles, it provides fuel […]

Waking Up In Vegas

This is me in my first Ironman – round abouts mile 8 of the “run.”  Run is a very loose interpretation of what I did that day.  It was mostly a walk, with a few shuffles thrown in for good measure. In all five of my Ironman races (and I’m sure the two this year […]

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, Move on

My wife is fond of saying “If you could have gone faster, you would have.”  It’s her way of saying, “Alls you can do is alls you can do.”  My race at Pleasant Prairie this past weekend was definitely one of those – and I have no one to blame but myself. Overall the race […]

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon 2009

Pleasant Prairie is one of my favorite races, this was my 8th time competing at Pleasant Prairie.  I enjoy doing it because it provides an objective point of view on my year-to-year progress.  Last year I was 3rd Overall, and my goal for this year was to equal that or better. Swim 19:28 (4th OA) […]

Weekend Recap and Training Logs

This weekend I had intended to do a repeat of last weeks IM Race sim, however it didn’t quite workout that way.  At somepoint during the week I decided to do the Camp Whitcomb/Mason Triathlon (“500m” Swim/22 mile Bike/5k run) on Sunday with the Race Sim workout on Saturday. I thought it was a good […]

Lacking a creative title

Last week was a pretty decent week of training – aside from slacking on Sunday (0) by deciding to switch those workouts to today.  But I did go watch the Bradford Beach Triathlon and the WORS race at Crystal Ridge. I was fairly impressed by the Bradford Beach Triathlon – it seemed to be pretty well […]