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I’m working on my race report for SORT yesterday.  Long story short it was a good race.  I was the first person out of the water – hopefully somebody got a good picture of me in my Gear Grinder kit!  Swim was short, but fast.

The bike went really well I averaged 252 (257 NP) on the bike.  Higher than my average power at both High Cliff, and Elkhart Lake (an olympic – wow that was a sad performance).  That resulted in a 2:23 bike split.  My computer said the course was about .3 miles shy of 56, but I didn’t change the computer for my race wheels.  When I googlemapped it last week, I got 56 miles on the head.

I topped it off with a 1:29:00 run – my best in a half since 2006.  I would have likely crushed my 1:26:5x run from 2006, but I suffered a huge side stitch just before the final turn around (Mile 9.5-10).  That reduced me to a run walk for a mile or so before I got back to a solid run.  Probably an indicator that I was at or near my limit.

All in all a very good race – a race report will come shortly and some other thoughts on SORT.

Finally a race worthy of me.  Next weekend is an Olympic – Triing for Childrens.