No Rest for the Wicked

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The picture today is a shot from probably the most epic stage in cyling history.  It’s a gentle reminder to myself that success comes from working hard – even if it doesn’t seem like fun – especially because when you look back – it might have been fun.  However, it needs to be tempered with working easy.

Racine was a great race this past weekend, and I dug pretty deep for my race, but I’m entering the last weeks of viable training time for IMWI.  In that light, I took Monday as a complete rest day, and slept in Tuesday morning.

The goal for this week is to get some solid training in, but show up Sunday at Tri-ing for Childrens ready to go sub-2 for an Olympic.


  • Monday
    • Off
  • Tuesday
    • AM: Off
    • PM: 2:15 run (2:12:52 -17.749 miles actual)
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Swim (6×300 SCY @ 4:00 – 3:35-3:40 swim time)
    • PM: 2 hour bike + 30 run – 3×20 @ HIM
  • Thursday
    • AM: Swim
    • PM: 90 minute bike + 30 minute run – Steady IM Pace
  • Friday
    • AM: 2:30 easy ride to Lake Geneva
    • PM: 60 minute easy-steady run
  • Saturday
    • AM: Swim
  • Sunday
    • Triing for Childrens
    • 3.5 hour easy post ride

The remaining 3 weeks before Pleasant Prairie will be focused on hitting my basic weeks: 1 Tempo Ride, 1 tempo run, 1 long run, 1 long ride each week.

I feel like my FTP which is likely around 320 is plenty high – I don’t need to worry about getting it higher – I just need to hit the workouts and become more confident in that and more comfortable riding at that intensity (and it’s children zones).

In the past, I have usually struggled a little with this last month of so of training before IM, I tend to become a little lax and miss more than I’d like.  I would like to improve on that this year and maintain the wave of the last month.