How about a little of both?

As I mentioned in the race report for Tri-ing for Childrens, I had a pretty satisfactory race.  Strong swim, decent bike, and weak run.  Yesterday after the race I rode home from the race and pondered the question – Why did I run not much faster today than I did last weekend at SORT?  My thoughts focused on other races this year and previous years- when I had good runs, when I had bad runs and what I did before them, and tossing in my bike pacing during said race.

The unfortunate conclusion I came to is that while there are some common threads – there isn’t anything super concrete take for instance –

My fastest 5k run was done at the end of a sprint race with a TSB of -32.

Yesterday one of my slowest 10k runs was done at the end of an Olympic distance with a  TSB of 9.

The 5k week I did a two long rides in the 10 days before the race, several 3-4 hour rides and a Tempo run and a long run.  The 10k week only had a Half Ironman + a Long run.

Which leads me tobelieve that numbers alone does not predict performance – they are useful for forecasting potential – but exceptions to both sides happen.

It also highlights that sometimes it’s not always in how much you did – but how you did it that is important – so while raw numbers can help guide you – some artfull interpretation and subjectivity is definately required.

What’s for this week?  No races and lots of training.  Been pondering what to focus on and how much to do.  A bit unsure yet, but I’ll figure something out soon.

2 thoughts on “Art or Science?

  1. Just an FYI…

    It takes me and most other fit athletes I know about 10 days to recover from a good half ironman effort. You are 7 days out from SORT, correct? I believe both Gordo and KP have written about this.

    My 2 cents.

    • You’re right – my run was definately affected by the half IM just a week before. I also did some deeper digging into training logs and found that after most of my HIMs, I’ve done a long run, but I usually delay until later in the week – this was the first time I’ve done it on Tuesday. Lesson learned!

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