Art or Science?

How about a little of both? As I mentioned in the race report for Tri-ing for Childrens, I had a pretty satisfactory race.  Strong swim, decent bike, and weak run.  Yesterday after the race I rode home from the race and pondered the question – Why did I run not much faster today than I […]

No Rest for the Wicked

The picture today is a shot from probably the most epic stage in cyling history.  It’s a gentle reminder to myself that success comes from working hard – even if it doesn’t seem like fun – especially because when you look back – it might have been fun.  However, it needs to be tempered with […]

Spirit of Racine 2009

The goal for SORT was to simply have a great race.  Going into the race the intention was: Bike: 0-20′ EZ, use PM to stay easy 20′- 65/70′ 240-250 Real Time 65/70′-End “ 250-260 Real Time Run: First loop: Target 44 minutes (avoid last years mistake) Second loop: Faster than first Swim: 21:32 4th OA […]


I’m working on my race report for SORT yesterday.  Long story short it was a good race.  I was the first person out of the water – hopefully somebody got a good picture of me in my Gear Grinder kit!  Swim was short, but fast. The bike went really well I averaged 252 (257 NP) […]

To whom it may concern

Shannon and gang I wanted to offer you a few pieces of feedback from today’s SORT race. First off I am a huge fan of your races. I have done SORT 5 times now, and have done the TTT 4 times, and plan to do it a 5th next year. Up until this year I […]

There is no easy way

  Figured it was time for an update.  After embarrasing performances at my last couple of races – namely Elkhart Lake and High Cliff I finally had a good race. This past weekend I returned to Stevens Point to defend my win last year, I wasn’t going alone as I had managed to convince Matt, […]