My ‘new’ Mantra

In the past I’ve always had a picture, phrase or something to really drive the wimpyness out of me.  My reminder that I needed to HTFU. After my dismal performance at High Cliff, Mary said it was probably time for a new one – I found it last night while reading Triathlete magazine: ..each morning […]

My Fundamental Dilemma

Recently Gordo posted an excellent blog entry on his site.  It never fails to seem that whenever I am having some floundering thoughts about things, Gordo always seems to write something that drives deeply into the precise subject I am thinking about.  The short summary of his recent post is that over the last several […]

Looking for an Ironman PR?

Next Monday, I am helping lead an Ironman Training Clinic.  The clinic will be lead by Bob Hanisch (  We’ll be discussing what to focus on in the final weeks leading up to an Ironman race when you are looking to not just finish the race, but rock star it. The clinic is free for TriWis members […]

Confessions of a Gym Class Hero

Having had a few days to digest my race at Elkhart Lake, I have a few main thoughts regarding the race in general and my performance. The race locale and the course were great.  I don’t think I have swam in a clearer lake, although it was really chilly the water clarity made it nice […]

It’s like I woke up one morning

and was a super hero. Did a 90 minute ride last night with 2×20 @ HIM (272 watts) on moderately large rest – no issues in fact it didn’t seem all that bad in reality. Similar to a workout I did last summer where I did an hour of HIM effort. No problems doing it, […]

A post for the sake of posting

I just recalibrated my powermeter. Looks like the slope drifted from 21.78 (rounded to 21.8) to 21.37 (rounded to 21.4). Because torque and cadence = a certain power, torque is calculate by dividing by the slope – which means my PM was underreporting by a couple of %. SRM recommends recalibrating every six months or […]

Best. Ride. Ever.

Things have been going OK that last couple weeks since the Triple T.  I’m essentially all healed up, my right knee has still has some tenderness and some big fat scabs, but otherwise all is good. Training has been progressing pretty well.  I’ve had a few bumps along the way, but generally I am quite […]