The week thus far…

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This week has been pretty decent training wise.  I missed the Tuesday morning swim, but otherwise everything has been pretty good.

The highlight of the week was my Bike workout Tuesday night and last night’s run!  I did it (the bike workout) with my friend Matt and his wife – we did a 2×20 @ FTP.  I averaged 300 watts, and 292 watts for them – I was quite happy with them.  I was nearly in need of a puke bag after the second interval – it was awesome!  Matt was a rock star though, he crushed me on both intervals.

Last night I did a track workout.  Typically on Wednesday I’ve been doing a 1:15 run with 20 minutes @ T-Pace inserted.  That workout has sort of stalled @ about 6:25ish/mile, so i decided to do some shorter intervals to try and break through – 6×1000’s @ Daniels I Pace (3:41) w/ 600m easy was the prescription.  Long story short, I more or less nailed all 6 of them!

This weekend I am headed to my parents for Mother’s Day and to meet my sister’s boy toy for the first time – so I am planning to do my long ride tomorrow.  Goal is ~5 hours with 4x[5×3 (1′)] @ FTP at the top of each hour – then a long run Sunday at my parents.

Additionally – my wife, Mary completed her first Marathon last weekend.  Despite saying she would never do one again, last night she miraculously decided to do another this fall!