This week has been pretty decent training wise.  I missed the Tuesday morning swim, but otherwise everything has been pretty good.

The highlight of the week was my Bike workout Tuesday night and last night’s run!  I did it (the bike workout) with my friend Matt and his wife – we did a 2×20 @ FTP.  I averaged 300 watts, and 292 watts for them – I was quite happy with them.  I was nearly in need of a puke bag after the second interval – it was awesome!  Matt was a rock star though, he crushed me on both intervals.

Last night I did a track workout.  Typically on Wednesday I’ve been doing a 1:15 run with 20 minutes @ T-Pace inserted.  That workout has sort of stalled @ about 6:25ish/mile, so i decided to do some shorter intervals to try and break through – 6×1000’s @ Daniels I Pace (3:41) w/ 600m easy was the prescription.  Long story short, I more or less nailed all 6 of them!

This weekend I am headed to my parents for Mother’s Day and to meet my sister’s boy toy for the first time – so I am planning to do my long ride tomorrow.  Goal is ~5 hours with 4x[5×3 (1′)] @ FTP at the top of each hour – then a long run Sunday at my parents.

Additionally – my wife, Mary completed her first Marathon last weekend.  Despite saying she would never do one again, last night she miraculously decided to do another this fall!

One thought on “The week thus far…

  1. No way – I knew it was you! How are you and Mary and Matt and Adrianne? I’m heade up to WI for IMWI, as part of the medical team and finally bit the bullet – registered for my first IM – Nov, IMFL! I still remember Mary talking me into my first Half IM and I did it with the rest of the gang in that lake that left me glowing green couple of hours north of Milw, WI June, 2006. Then watching you in Kona was amazing and Michelle’s finish – I was so proud of TriWI!

    Now looking at buying a TT bike affordably. A friend of mine wants to sell me her Cervelo Dual – that’s how I got to your name – is that what you were riding way back when? Critique – the Giant TCR1 that I ride now is a carbon frame – this bike is noticeably heavier – your thoughts? Stay in touch, Sophia

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