Alls well that ends well

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So far I have been recovering pretty nicely from my crash.  The bike need some work on the front end (Aerobar extensions, basebar, etc), and the wheels needed to be trued – that is about it.  Is ready to pick up from the shop tonight!  Thanks Brent.

Me – I needed some tegaderm for some of the road rash.  It has been healing pretty well.  Unfortunately, I’ve stayed out of the pool; partially from fear of the stinging, and partially to avoid any potential infection and/or slowing of the healing process.  I plan to swim this sunday.

Since I was without my bike this week, it’s been interesting to train thus far.  Tuesday I did a 1 hour, 40 minute ride on my MTB on the city parkways, followed by a 30 minute run.  I had intended to do a few hard intervals, but my body just couldn’t figure out how to go super hard on the MTB.  It ended up being an effort a little above IM effort, but below HIM effort.  The run went surprisingly well, except every stride made me away of the road rash on my legs!

Yesterday was an easy ride on the trainer using my wife’s bike – wow it’s setup small for me in the AM, and an moderate run last night.  The run went really well other then the road rash sting.  Managed 8.4 miles in 61 minutes – totally surprised me.

Today is another brick  like Tuesday, but I’ll probably try to throw in a couple extended HIM efforts in.

Tomorrow is an easy ride, and my long run – I’m a little nervous for my run because of the road rash, but I’m sure it will be fine.

The cap stone of the week is doing a group ride of the IMWI course with the local tri-Club.  The official agenda for the club is one loop, but I plan to be a border line Gym Glass Hero (more on those in a future post) and do two loops – maybe even bust some heads 🙂

Sunday is gonna be a nice swim and LOTS of yard work.