Break Even

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My FTP seems to be about back to pre-IMWI levels.  I participated in the Team Time Trial Relay at the Great Lakes Multisport Expo this past weekend.  I was rider #5 on the team, and rode an hour on a flat course.  My average power for the hour was 298!  I was shocked.  Every thing from here is building onto the engine – if I can get another 30 watts out of this pre-season work, it would give me a great base to start the summer at.

That’s the highest I have ever averaged for an hour, and I have only averaged higher than that on a few occasions when doing 20 minute intervals.

I think doing all these intervals are paying off.  I feel off the plan for the last two weeks after a disappointing run at the sampson stomp, but I think it’s working so am going to get back on the wagon.  I’m just going to make a couple changes to help build in a little more volume and get my weekly hours back up.

A congrats goes out to Chris Wichert for winning the 5k running race that was a part of the Expo weekend.