That was the result of my FTP test last night – 285 watts. That’s awesome.  It is am improvement of 20 watts (7.5%) over the previous test. Tonight will be lots of run – 4×1 mile @ T Pace.

That wasn’t so bad

Knocked back a solid series of training last week. Tuesday: Lazy day off Wednesday: 5k Race – 18:56 (official) Thursday AM: 3k swim PM: 1 hour bike w/ 2×12 minutes @ FTP Friday AM: 2.5k swim PM: 8.5 mile run w/ 3×1.5 miles @ 10k pace Saturday Brick: 1 hour bike (2×12 min @ FTP) […]

Faking it

Things are going well.  The last 3 months or so has been an interesting stretch of training.  Lots of false starts, zero’s, sleeping in and the like.  It’s probably been the longest period of low fitness activity since  the 4×100 freestyle relay at conference my senior year of college. To top it off, I have […]