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Well it’s December now, wow!  A month ago I attempted to start the Endurance Nation Out season plan, but that did go very well.  My motivation to train in November was pretty low.

I’m hitting December as a fresh start and with a new attitude (I hope!)  I’m thinking about restarting the Endurance Nation plan 2 weeks from today – going to give myself a little bit of time to just establish a regular routine, then work on building the strength.

The last 5 days or so have seen the best stretch of training I’ve had since IMWI.  To top it off, I got up for the first morning of swimming today since September.

The plan for this week:

  • Monday: Off, needed to sleep in after a stressful day of travel
  • Tuesday
    • AM: Swim
    • PM: Short Bike + Run
  • Wednesday
    • AM: Run
    • PM: Bike
  • Thursday
    • Repeat Tuesday
  • Friday
    • Repeat Wednesday, but reverse
  • Saturday
    • Either a Swim + Bike, or a swim + 5k Race
  • Sunday
    • AM Run

If I get bag about 10 hours this week I will be happy, I’ll look to add a few more on top of that next week.

The week after I’ll retest the bike and 5k – and probably throw in a 1,000m or 1,500m swim for good measure.